Speed Up My Job Search

The PHASE Approach

Probabilities + Habits + Agile Scrum = Efficiency

Great experience and skills do not guarantee job security, but a reliable job search structure puts the control back where it belongs, with you!

Overview: Learn how each part works together to search more efficiently in less time.

Probabilities: Learn to chase the right positions based on realistic data.

Habits: Learn to remove the need for willpower from your daily tasks, and get more done.

Agile Scrum: Learn to use story-points and retrospectives to adapt and improve.

Efficiency: When you chase the right jobs, habitually get things done while adapting and improving, you will waste less time and land your job faster. It’s more than just a PHASE!

PHASE 2 gives you 3 months of personal coaching and an option to move up into full career coaching, or down to video-only job search coaching with an option to continue in the Group Coaching calls as a PHASE 1 monthly member for just $15 more. PHASE 2 enrollment is applied to PHASE 3 if you move up, there is no enrollment to move down, and you can change plans or cancel at any time.

*The 1-Hour Coaching Call for groups will be done as a group, addressing individual situations, group objectives, and accountability strategies.

**Group Coaching Rates for PHASE 2 Membership:
– 1 person = $497 enrollment and $99 per month
– 2 people = $447 enrollment each (save $50/member), $91 per month each (save $8/month/member)
– 3 people = $397 enrollment each (save $100/member), $85 per month each (save $14/month/member)
– 4 or more = $297 enrollment each (save $200/member), $75 per month each (save $24/month/member)

Email [email protected] with the names & email addresses of your group members to pay separately. If you are a Group Sponsor or Employer paying for the enrollments together, Click Here to Enroll Your Group.