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Ragini Bilolikar

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Educational Policy & Program Development | Institutional Effectiveness Planning | PMP | Budget Planning | Team Building


Greater Chicago Area

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Ph.D., Doctor of Philosophy; ME.D., Master of Education

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As a senior academic executive leveraging 20+ years’ experience managing academic and student affairs, I draw on a strong leadership background, my team-building, and entrepreneurial skills, and operational efficiency execution for public and practitioner-focused universities to drive growth. To do so, I build student-focused operations and invest in continuous capacity-building initiatives. The key to my success has been creating organizational synergy through the establishment of an efficiency-based, employee-centric culture. I lay the foundations for solid capacity building implementation to magnify the positive effects of this strategy. This win-win approach builds employee morale and naturally encourages exponential organizational growth. I revamp ineffective organizational structures by introducing astute initiatives. For instance, at American Intercontinental University, I implemented the Balanced Scorecard to improve tracking of department-wide activities. This resulted in improving operational efficiency to 97% and student satisfaction to 95%. I also executed internal control and monitoring methods that helped balance a $10M budget. Another reason for my success is that I leverage digital marketing expertise to improve institutions’ ROI. I also provide leadership and coordination for the development, implementation, and assessment of division-wide policies, procedures, and systems within all areas of administration.

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Curriculum Planning & Development | Program Development | Compliance | Accreditation | Academic & Student Affairs | Registrar Operations | Digital Marketing Services



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