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Dave Geddes

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Insurance and Financial Services Consultant


Itasca, IL

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(708) 767-3340

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You must be wondering…


“Why choose Dave as opposed to working directly with an insurance carrier or captive agent?”


Here is your answer…


“The answer is something most insurance companies and captive agents do not want the general public to be aware of.


At no additional cost to you (the client)… Excellent service along with more choices (giving you more competitive pricing), because we can access the insurance coverage from multiple companies. We become a “value hunter”, who looks after your best interest in finding the best combination of price, coverage and service. Our agents truly represent the client… with the belief “one size does not fit all”.


Because of our long standing relationships with highly rated carriers, we have the ability to make a difference… which ultimately reflects back upon YOU (the client) and your pocketbook.”

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Licensed insurance and financial services broker representing over 70 insurance companies. I evaluate auto, home, health, life, medicare and retirement plans for clients to reduce cost and/or increase coverage.