Courtney Budler



Courtney Budler

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Sr. Business Marketing Analytics Analyst


Roselle, IL

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I am a “hybrid” performer; as in, a person who easily toggles among people, programs and systems work to foster greater flexibility and increased efficiency for my employer. My diverse skillset helps me “fill in the gaps” when a team or colleague needs assistance. As a focused and detail-oriented multi-tasker, I pride myself in completing goals on-time, every time. My experience to date has focused primarily in Data Analysis, Operations, Marketing, IT support, Bookkeeping, and Office Management, often lending my hand to all at once. I seek every opportunity to acquire new skills and tools to improve my performance. I’ve learned first-hand that, whatever task is at hand, you must give your managers, colleagues and clients the best service and support possible. I have an MBA with a focus in Marketing, and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a Human Resources Management focus where I graduated Magna cum Laude. In addition, I have numerous certifications in data analytics, and am regularly adding to my skillset to keep up with the latest trends. Allow my excellent skills to be your asset!


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