Bill Moucka



Bill Moucka

Job Title(s)

Enterprise Outreach • Fundraising Leader • Financial Executive • Business Development Manager • Nonprofit Planned Giving


Clarendon Hills, Illinois

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Master’s Degree in Non-Profit Management

Professional Summary

As a mission-driven leader, I create impactful results by developing and nurturing positive team cultures. From internal operations to financial outreach campaigns, a team that feels valued and accurately assigned will consistently be inspired to outperform even their own best efforts. When the cause is critical, an inspired team can change the world. Whether I’m raising funds for mission-driven organizations, managing projects or training leaders in Kenya, by working together, everyone achieves more.

Skills / Keywords

Strategic Team Development • Effective Fundraising Leadership • Leadership Training & Coaching • Marketing & Branding Creation • Diverse Financial Product Knowledge • Positive Culture Development • Community Outreach Programming • Trusted Relationship Building • Public Speaking & Presenting • Planned Giving Expertise


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