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LinkedIn Profile Services

LinkedIn Services

When you have a strategically written LinkedIn profile, more employers will find you. When you know how to USE your profile, you can find them first!

LinkedIn Profile Review
Digital Headshot
Custom LI Background
Blended Headshot Background

Detailed Profile Review
Custom Background Image
SEO Profile Optimization
LI Algorithm Maximization

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Individual Services

A detailed Profile review with specific recommendations (8 to 10 pages)
A test of your LinkedIn profile for SEO compatibility
Multiple proactive strategies to USE LinkedIn (a nice profile is not enough)
Identification of the most important areas of your profile to enhance
Access to icons and accents to add to your profile to make it stand out
Identify key areas of opportunity on your profile to drive more results
A process to build your key skills and endorsements from your connections
Tactics to build your connections quickly to access more employers
A triple check for typos and grammatical errors and make suggestions

$78 for our detailed LinkedIn Profile Review

Want to take your Custom LinkedIn Background Image to the next level? Blend it into your headshot!
We can take your current headshot image, or a new headshot that we take for you, and stretch the background image into your headshot to create the appearance of one continuous picture. It will look as if you had your picture taken in front of your background image.
Here are a few examples:

Above is a screenshot of Paul Cameron’s LinkedIn Profile.

Above is a screenshot of Denis Curtin’s LinkedIn Profile.

Above is a screenshot of Laura Cognato’s LinkedIn Profile.

$99 for our Custom Background Image blended into your headshot
Use your current headshot or order one from us seperately

**You must have transportation to Wheaton, IL

Quality Digital Headshot for Professionals
Sized specifically for LinkedIn profile pictures
Professional lighting, camera, and backdrop
Business card headshot template for Vistaprint
6-page Proactive Linkedin Strategy Guide
Photoshop Expert adjusts the backdrop color to any color you choose!

$50 for a Digital Headshot and everything listed above

When used properly, LinkedIn Background Images can support and emphasize the specific skills and experiences that set you apart as a professional. 
Leaving the blue, default image as your background is a missed opportunity. Generic images available to everyone simply cannot convey your unique story.
A custom image, specifically crafted to spotlight your differentiators, not only shows attention to detail, it adds a new dimension your competitors can’t match.
Here are 4 examples of our custom background images below. To see more, look through the Talent Directory for background images with the circular logo you see here.

A Pharmaceutical Sales Manager in Pennsylvania had strong experience and achievements, but we discovered that his favorite part of the job is hearing the success stories. Seeing someone in a wheelchair, getting the right product in their hands, and then seeing the smile on their face in a picture they send him from a nature hike they went on.
Keeping those ideas in mind, we built the custom background image above for his LinkedIn profile.

A Global Supply Chain and Procurement Manager out of Wisconsin was responsible for sourcing and delivering all the parts and processes needed to put medical equipment together to be delivered to market. When a hospital conceptualizes a new MRI machine, this person finds the best manufactures of each individual part of the machine, regardless of what part of the world they are in, organizes all the efforts to build the machine efficiently, and delivers it to the marketplace.
We rewrote his resume and made suggestions for his LinkedIn Profile to include an overall theme which introduced his passions to his message, and THAT’S when employers started seeing the impact of hiring him over the other qualified candidates. We built this image to support his theme.

Loan Origination Specialist who had won multiple awards for production found he was in a very competitive field for jobs. After a discussion, we learned that one of the secrets to his success was creative cross-sales approach, which just means he used combinations of products for each customer to deliver the best of all the bank had to offer from every department. Why did he do this? It all originated from his passion to help families get into their ideal homes, and not have to settle for anything less.

A Property Manager in Minnesota had a generic resume and LinkedIn profile describing general property management duties. After talking with her at length, we learned that she is extremely talented at going into distressed properties with high vacancy rates, removing the bad tenants, replacing them with quality, loyal tenants, and overhauling the process to create long-term profitability. It was clear that loves making struggling properties feel like homes. This is the image we made for her.

$65 for a Custom Background Image to support your unique specialties


Detailed Profile Review
Custom Background Image
Blended Background/Headshot
SEO Profile Optimization
Title Refinement & Targeting
Keyword Identification Tactics
LI Algorithm Maximization

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Bi-monthly coaching calls
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Progress Accountability
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