Speed Up My Job Search

Turn hopeful outcomes into statistical estimates by only pursuing leads with the highest probability of yielding an offer.

Recruiters very carefully watch key indicators about jobs and companies to determine the search assignments that give them the highest probability of making a placement.

Paul Cameron, an IT recruiter and search firm owner even designed a probability calculation tool for his recruiters to objectively compare and rank his job openings so his recruiters know where to focus their attention.

He adapted this concept for job seekers to use as a primary element of his PHASE approach! He has even made the probability calculation tool available to members and demonstrates how it works in this video.

After completing a quick form that can be completed in less than 30 seconds (single-select, drop-down answers), you will instantly see the probability percentage for that lead so you can compare it to the other jobs you are pursing, AND you can send the score directly into the job lead card on your Search Management Trello Board right from the form!

No more wasted time chasing the wrong jobs! When you know your numbers you can efficiently pursue the right jobs.