Speed Up My Job Search

Networking Effectively

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Video Timeline – Total Duration: 37:54
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01:06 – The real secret to successful networking
01:42 – Getting in the right mindset
03:09 – You don’t know who holds the golden ticket
03:49 – Getting started
04:29 – Preparing for the event
04:41 – The RSVP
08:20 – Attending the event
08:25 – What should I bring?
12:23 – The unstructured networking time
14:06 – Interesting and effective strategy for networking
17:45 – Conversations
18:34 – Business Card etiquette
20:05 – Most valuable tip on how to network effectively
22:16 – The Trust Formula
28:43 – Exit strategies
33:20 – Following Up
36:34 – The Checklist

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Click Here for information about the Windy City Professional Speakers, a specialty Toastmasters Club in Oak Brook, IL. Thank you Stan Piskorski for your help with this video!