Interview Preparation

Preparation helps you shape the interview to your advantage! Plus it instills confidence that you will do well. Watch this to learn WHAT you should know, and WHERE to find it.

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Video Timeline - Total Duration: 25:11
00:04 - Calming the nerves
00:55 - This video covers...
01:17 - Basic Materials & Checklist
03:38 - Application Idea
05:51 - Preparing your questions
06:33 - Debriefing yourself
07:12 - The 5 Beats
12:20 - 7 Fundamental Pieces of Information
14:27 - 4 Additional Keys to Give Yourself the Edge
18:56 - Where to look for the information
22:40 - Assignment Time

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We understand not everyone wants to learn through video, although we recommend it to view examples and visuals along with each lesson. We offer access to a printable transcript of each video to read at your leisure. Please look through our Resources section for free resources you can utilize immediately to help your job search efforts, and take our free course to speed up your job search immediately.

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