Interview Coaching

Interview Tools:

  • Pre-interview Checklist
    • Don't leave preparation up to chance! Check all the boxes before you leave the house.
  • Interview Debrief Form
    • Note the key points, comments made, and questions asked during the interview.
    • Improve for future interviews.
    • Compare companies more accurately.
    • Help craft interview questions for the next interview YOU are conducting as the employer.
  • Offer Selection Tool
    • Enter the criteria you want from your next employer and this tool will rank them for you.
  • Thank You Note video with Letter Template
    • Have access to a Members Only video explaining the letter, plus a template to work from.
    • Many, many, many people have pointed to THIS video and template as THE reason they got their job offer!
  • Interview Influencer Document
    • This is the single most powerful tool you can bring into an interview.
    • It will demonstrate for the employer that you are organized, prepared, researched, and interested.

Interview Tools                        $ 14.00

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Strategic Interviewing eCourse

  • Selling Yourself video duration: 19:17
    • If YOU can't sell your skills to an employer, then who will? It's easier than you think. This video shows you how.
  • Discrimination: Age & More video duration: 14:47
    • Don't let Age Discrimination or other Illegal Questions stop you! If you have a plan and know how to handle it, you can minimize the effects they have on your job search.
    • Click here to watch this video for free right now!
  • Q&A Tactics video duration: 52:30
    • The single most important element to landing a job quickly is how well you interview!
    • This video covers how to open interviews, concepts/strategies for common questions, and how to close the interview.
  • Interview Types: Tips video duration: 29:39
    • Different types of interviews take different types of preparation.
    • Phone Interviews, Lunch/Dinner Interviews, and Panel Interviews are covered.
  • Great Questions To Ask video duration: 25:28
    • Your questions give the employers as much information as their answers give you.
    • Learn the 4 categories of questions to prepare before every interview.
  • Mock Interviews video duration: depends on how long you take to answer the questions
    • This video contains a series of interview questions which have been coached through this program.
    • You will listen to the question asked, and a screen will appear for 5 seconds asking you PAUSE the video to answer the question.
    • If you have any trouble with a question, instructions will be on the screen to where you can look for help.
  • How to Negotiate Salary video duration: 36:21
    • Time to talk money! The way you explain your current compensation can affect the offer you receive.
    • How to present your current compensation.
    • How to negotiate when you are being represented by a recruiter.
    • How do negotiate when you are representing yourself.
    • The most important elements of the negotiating your compensation.
  • Follow Up - How & When video duration: 12:30
    • The interview isn't over until you have sent the Thank You Letter!
    • How to follow up after no feedback, when, and how often.
    • Your follow up can literally throw you to the front of the line if you do it correctly.

Interview eCourse                  $ 19.00

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1-hour Prep Call with Paul Cameron:


Paul will be direct. The purpose of the call is to show you tactics and verbal tools to create positive responses from employers, and to give you the encouragement and confidence to know that you will do well. So there will be no sugar-coating; if he hears a problem in your answer, he'll tell you candidly and give you a better way to phrase it to create the desired message with the employer.

Even if you feel you are a great interviewer, this will make you better. During all the years you've been learning and crafting your skills in your profession, Paul has been studying interview tacts, training candidates before interviews where his commission is on the line, and giving workshops on interview tactics to thousands of people. He can improve your interviewing skills.

This call will cover...

  • Specific research and advice for interviewing with the people on your interview itinerary.
  • Specific research and advice on what to know about the company where you are interviewing.
  • Tactics to open the interview in your favor, setting the right tone for the interview.
  • How to answer the 'Tell me about yourself' opener, and tweaks for your elevator pitch.
  • How to answer questions about why you left previous companies with no boundaries; layoffs, terminations, retirements, resignations, and ugly quitting scenarios
  • How to answer negative questions such as, "What is your greatest weakness?" and "What did you hate most about your prior boss?"
  • How to answer interview questions about skills you don't have.
  • How to answer interview questions about future goals and where you see yourself in 5 years.
  • How to handle potential age discrimination and other illegal questions.
  • The MOST important part of every interview you ever go on, and multiple ways to do it.
  • Paul's 5 interview beats and how to implement them.
  • How to craft good interview questions, and a review of the questions you normally ask.
  • How to close the interview in your favor.
  • Information on appropriate Thank You Letters and Follow Up, plus a schedule of when and how to follow up.
  • After the call you will receive:
    • The standard DriveStaff Prep Package information given to Paul's recruiting firm candidates for In-Person, Phone, and Video Interviews.
    • All Interview Tools listed above: Pre-Interview Checklist, Debrief Form, Offer Selection Tool, Thank You Note template, Interview Influencer Doc.
    • 30 Days of access to our Strategic Interviewing eCourse.

1-hour Prep Call                   $ 175.00

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This information below is still under construction. Please check back soon!

Tricks of the Job Hunter's Trade
Turning Interviews into Offers through
Advanced Selling Techniques

An instructional audio program revealing the secrets of interviewing successfully


Buy the Complete Program! Length Price
Complete Program - Digital Download 4:36:07 $29.95

Paid Members of can buy this complete program for $8.99. PLEASE NOTE: the information contained in 49 of the 60 tracks are ALREADY included in  Tracks included are marked with (included) after the title.

Title Length Price
Disc 1 1:13:17 $9.99   
Introduction 6:52 Free Track!

Listen Now!

How to use the Program 4:03 Free Track!

Listen Now!

Section 1
Mental Preparation
18:24 $1.49   
1. Getting the Right Attitude  (included) 8:18 $0.99  
2. Handling Nervousness (included) 10:10 $0.99  
Section 2
Research: What/Where/How?
20:39 $3.99
1. The 7 Fundamentals to know About all Companies (included) 3:10 $0.99
2. More Research keys to give Yourself an Edge (included) 3:54 $0.99
3. The Nugget (included) 5:01 $0.99
4. The Slow Pitch Technique (included) 3:12 Free Track!

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5. Specific Sources to find the Information you Need (included) 5:32 $0.99
Section 3
Questions you Should be Prepared to Ask
22:52 $3.99
1. Questions you Should NEVER ask! (included) 8:17 Free Track!

Listen Now!

2. Questions About the Position (included) 3:32 $0.99
3. Using your Research to Create Questions (included) 3:09 $0.99
4. Tactful Questions About the company (included) 3:06 $0.99
5. Questions that can SAVE an interview! (included) 4:59 $0.99
Disc 2 1:04:24 $9.99
Section 4
The Basics
19:44 $3.99
1. What to wear & how to Choose It 4:42 $0.99
2. 10 is Perfect (included) 4:58 $0.99
4. Beverages 2:48 $0.99
3. Body Language 1:28 $0.99
5. Taking Notes 0:59 $0.99
6. What you Should, & Shouldn't, Bring In 5:01 $0.99
Section 5
Preparing for Alternative Types of Interviews
18:57 $3.99
1. Phone Interviews (included) 7:26 $0.99
2. Lunchtime Interviews (included) 4:29 $0.99
3. Group/Panel Interviews (included) 7:09 $0.99
Section 6
The Initial Stages of an Interview
25:13 $3.99
1. The Effect of Strangers 6:05 $0.99
2. What you Should know when Completing Applications (included) 8:02 $0.99
3. Tips to open the Interview to your Advantage (included) 5:40 $0.99
4. Ice Breakers to use, and Others to Avoid (included) 5:33 $0.99
Disc 3 1:04:16 $9.99
Section 7
Tell Me About Yourself - 5 Key Components
15:25 $3.99
1. Responding to Tell Me About Yourself (included) 1:53 $0.99
2. Basic Guidelines to Crafting your Answer (included) 2:44 Free Track!

Listen Now!

3. Component 1 (included) 0:59 Free Track!

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4. Component 2 (included) 2:18 $0.99
5. Component 3 (included) 0:30 $0.99
6. Component 4 (included) 1:19 $0.99
7. Component 5 (included) 2:22 $0.99
8. Complete Example 1 (included) 1:33 $0.99
9. Complete Example 2 & Wrap Up (included) 2:05 $0.99
Section 8
Formulas & Techniques
to Answer Typical Questions
32:04 $3.99
1. What is your Greatest Weakness? (included) 7:35 $0.99
2. Where do you see Yourself in 5 Years? (included) 5:35 $0.99
3. Answering Questions about Skills you don't Have (included) 7:11 $0.99
4. How to Handle a Difficult Employee/Co-worker (included) 5:06 $0.99
5. Why are you Changing Jobs? (included) 6:47 $0.99
Section 9
Identifying Illegal Questions
& How to Respond
16:09 $3.99
1. The Laws, Rights and Acts you Should Know (included) 7:53 $0.99
2. Great Techniques to Respond to Illegal Questions (included) 4:14 $0.99
3. Handling Age Discrimination (included) 4:06 $0.99
Disc 4 1:14:10 $9.99
Section 10
Let's Talk Money - The Salary Discussions
26:09 $3.99
1. How much are you Making? (included) 6:35 $0.99
2. Handling Large Jumps in pay, up or Down (included) 6:17 $0.99
3. Answering Salary Questions WITH a recruiter (included) 5:53 $0.99
4. Negotiating for Yourself (included) 4:39 $0.99
5. Handling on the spot Offers (included) 2:55 $0.99
Section 11
The Closing Stages of an Interview
27:24 $3.99
1. Close the Interview to your Advantage 11:10 $0.99
2. The 5 Beats (included) 4:24 $0.99
3. Debrief Questions to ask Yourself (already included) 4:09 $0.99
4. Follow Up - How, When and How Often (already included) 1:28 $0.99
5. Constructing Thank You Letters - Paragraph 1 (included and improved) 0:33 Free Track!

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6. Thank You Letter - Paragraph 2 (included) 1:48 $0.99
7. Thank You Letter - Paragraph 3 and Closing (included) 1:10 $0.99
8. How Much Follow up is too much Follow Up (included) 2:58 $0.99
Section 12
Final Thoughts on Interviewing
15:24 $3.99
1. Unusual Interview Questions (included) 5:03 Free Track!

Listen Now!

2. The Checklist to go Through Before you Leave (included) 2:05 $0.99
3. Wrapping it all Up 8:22 $0.99
4. Bonus Track - The Travel Track
Listen on the way to your interview!
4:34 $0.99

Interview Audio Program        $ 29.00

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