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How to Call Employers

Although this isn’t the most popular way to find a job, it is proven factually to be the most effective. This video will show you exactly who to call, how to get their names, and precisely what to say when you call. It also includes a strategic follow up schedule so you know how often to call and what times during the day give you the highest statistical probability of getting the right person on the phone. Once you understand how to do it, you’ll see that calling employer is not hard at all, and it really works!

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Video Timeline – Total Duration: 19:43
00:11 – Statistical Proof that calling works best
01:39 – This is NOT a pushy sales call
03:42 – Who to call and what to say
06:58 – Targeting companies, not jobs
09:52 – But the ad says “no phone calls”
12:08 – Submitting your resume online is the LAST resort!
12:49 – I applied but I haven’t heard back.
13:26 – What not to say
14:00 – When should I follow up after applying?
15:20 – Assignment Time

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