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Handbills & Job Clubs

Handbills should be constructed as a tool for Job Clubs. In this video we discuss how to create a Handbill and how to maximize your time at the job club.

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Video Timeline – Total Duration: 28:43
00:30 – What information goes on your handbill?
01:02 – Keywords and Industry
02:34 – Target Companies?
04:27 – Being memorable
05:35 – World Champion!
08:41 – Tell people how to help you!
09:52 – Job Clubs Strategies
10:43 – Structuring Your 3 Minute Introduction
13:58 – Sharing leads
17:02 – Attitude
22:40 – The Optimism of a Dog
25:22 – Attire and Arrival
27:11 – Talking Points Afterwards

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