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Working the phone works!

  • I took a long shot and called the CEO of one of my target companies Wednesday morning. Kicked to voicemail, left a brief message, and figured I would never hear back. I followed up with an email (thanks Mailtester.com!) and went on about my business. My phone rank at 6:30 Wednesday evening, much to my surprise! Had a 10 minute discussion with him about his needs, he asked me to forward my resume and he would get it into the right hands. I do so that evening, with a nice thank you for his taking the time to call me.

    I still didn’t have crazy high confidence that it would lead to anything…he could just be the type of guy who returns calls personally and is nice about his brush-off tactics. However, I got the call from the VP of Recruiting this morning and we talked for a good 30 minutes about the company vision, needs for the position, how my experience is applicable. Feeling very positive now that we’ll be picking this up after the New Year to move the process forward!

    Lesson learned: pick up that phone and make the call…what’s to lose? And, almost as important is a lesson I learned many years ago: sell at the top!

    That’s awesome news. Gives us hope that the process works. I am going to implement your strategy and see what happens. As you stated, ” what do you have to lose.” Again, awesome news. Thanks for sharing!

    Quick question, how did you find their phone numbers ?

    Paul Cameron

    Apologies he wasn’t able to reply because shortly after posting this, he landed that job and no longer needed the membership. But to answer your question on his behalf, he’s just looking up the main number for the company and asking for the person by name.

    The receptionists who answer the phones are trained to not give out names when people ask for them by title, but when you call and ask for a person specifically, they put the call through. That’s what he did, it worked, and he got the job. Making those calls really works, so I strongly encourage everyone to give it a try.

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