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The Post-Interview Period

  • For my top prospective employer I’ve gone through all the phone and in-person interviews. The recruiter at the company told me that it may be a week before I’ll get any indication about an offer because the hiring manager is traveling.

    I’m thinking I need to keep my contact with the recruiter “warm” so maybe the recruiter can give me some additional information about the position itself or the status. I wouldn’t want to make any presumptions that I would be getting an offer, but maybe there are other questions I can ask during this waiting time. The recruiter even stated in the email to ask questions if I have them.

    Any ideas what are on and off limits?

    Paul Cameron

    Thanks for posting this, I sending a note mid week is a great idea to stay top of mind while the hiring manager is traveling. The BEST type of reach out would be a question about a positive article you find online about them. Something to the effect of “as I was doing more research on the company, I saw that you were involved in (some charity event, or company award, etc)….. If things were to go well and I were to get this position, is that something I could contribute to in the future?” or “…was [hiring manager name] involved in winning that? Looks like a great achievement.”

    If you can’t find an article or something positive to comment on, it would be okay to ask about the standard benefits package. Let them know you were looking for information about it online, “but just thought I’d ask if you had something handy you could send me.”

    I would NOT recommend asking about flex time, or vacation time, or anything that hints at you wanting to not work. Asking about flex time says “can I come in late and leave early?” and vacation time says “how often can I not be working and still get paid?” Neither are good attributes that employers look for in their next employee.

    I hope that helps!

    Yesterday I sent an email and today I followed up with a phone call to the company recruiter. I was very appreciative of the explanation of what’s taking so long to get feedback over a week since the onsite interview. Basically, getting five busy people together to compare notes about interviewing me has been a challenge. The recruiter committed to getting feedback on Monday. I reiterated that I’m interested in the position and said I’ll follow-up again next week if I don’t get any other update.

    I think it’s going well. Let’s see what happens next week.

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