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  • First of all allow me to say – thank you for creating the Keys Video (statistics) for I believe it will help me and others hone the process…

    But allow me to ask a question…(having fun for a moment – let us say I am Sheldon a very analytical person from the popular show Big Bang)

    How should I test my cover letter and resume for feedback, should I start tracking all “quality submissions – first choice positions” or should I send 25 submissions to my second and third choice opportunities to receive the metric feedback I desire.

    I have a feeling that I know the answer to my question and I am making more of this then I should but I had to ask

    Paul Cameron

    Dear Sheldon, 😉

    It would be interesting track how many more responses you get from your quality submissions compared to your 2nd and 3rd choice submissions, but the concern is that you might give a less than your best effort at a job that you didn’t yet know what truly the job of a lifetime. I totally get that customizing for every single submission takes time, but as long as we’re using fun analogies…

    If there were 2 lumberjacks, 1 sharpened his ax every 25th tree, and the other sharpened his ax before starting each tree. The 2nd lumberjack would spend a lot more time sharpening his ax, but I submit he would still finish first AND in the end, he would expend far less energy than the first because each cut would be more precise and effective. If you blast the same resume to 25 companies, but your twin brother customizes his resume for just 10 companies, your brother is the one with the better shot at landing sooner. Make sense?

    I know a lumberjack analogy probably wasn’t the best for Sheldon, but hopefully you could still follow along. Maybe if there were 2 physicists, and the first one…nevermind. 🙂

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