Speed Up My Job Search

Speedupmyjob Splash Screen Note: 1 is too short 5 too long

  • Please correct me on this if I am mistaken….
    (1 Page) Cover Letter
    (2-3 Pages) Resume

    Net 4 Pages Max ?????

    If not, boy oh boy I have some wordsmithing to do 🙂

    Paul Cameron

    Yes, 1 page cover letter, and you can use the template I have on that Cover Letter page as a reference. Resumes should be 2 to 4 pages, 1 is definitely too short, but 5 is too much. Remember, your resume is an advertisement about you only meant to help you land an interview. Customize it to speak to the recipient every time and you’ll see better results. Even better than that though, is making phone calls as is outlined in the program. Your results will be best by calling, as you’ve already experienced through the program.

    Btw, as I write this, our most recent Tactics video on YouTube is about resumes, as is the next one coming out on Sunday. So stay tuned! Just click the YouTube button (red circle with a play button in it) at the top of any page to get to our channel.

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