Speed Up My Job Search

Speed Up My Job Search Has A Jobs Section

  • Michael, YES, we definitely have a jobs section. Those jobs are a pool of all the jobs from my network of partner recruiting firms; so I have personal contact with all of them. There are about 350 of us in the network, and we work together to help fill each other’s jobs. Many of the jobs are exclusive to those recruiters, so you won’t find many those jobs posted anywhere else across the internet.

    When you apply to any of those jobs, it routes directly to the recruiter who posted the job, but, we see it too. Whenever possible, we will compare the resume to the job and if it’s a strong fit, we will call the recruiter on the behalf of the candidate to make sure their resume is seen. Sometimes there are more applicants than we can keep up with, but we check it every day do our best to follow up on every application.

    So to answer your questions: No, your resume doesn’t get distributed publicly. Yes, it goes to a reputable recruiter. And if you apply to a specific position, someone at DriveStaff will personally do their best to push your information in front of that recruiter.

    The great thing about working through recruiters on jobs like this is that your information stays confidential from the employers until you’ve spoken to someone about the job, it gets presented directly to the hiring manager with notes, and you’ll get inside info on the company and hiring managers before your interviews. Recruiters only make money if you get the job, which means it’s in their best interest to help you land the job. So I strongly encourage everyone to apply to any positions that match their experience.

    I hope that helps. Thanks for asking about it Mike!


    I noticed that “speedupmyjobsearch” has a jobs section…fantastic.

    How does this process work when one applies for an opportunity…
    Does the resume get distributed into the world of internet for the world to see ?
    Does the resume get submitted to a reputable recruiter ?

    I guess my question is what happens if I submit my cover page / resume ???

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