Speed Up My Job Search

Slow Pitch Interview Tactic Success!

  • Hey everybody, just wanted post a quick success in here to get this category started. This morning I got a LinkedIn recommendation from Donna L about the Slow Pitch technique that is discussed in the “Selling Yourself” video under the Interview tab. Here’s a portion of what she said:

    I tried Paul’s “Slow Pitch Down the Middle” in a recent job interview. This worked really well and led to two more phone interviews and an in person interview!

    You can see the rest of her comments on my LinkedIn profile if you like.

    If you haven’t seen this video yet, it was a small excerpt I took out of the Selling Yourself video which you can find under the Interview tab. I posted a quick excerpt of this video on our YouTube channel and put the link to it below. It works! Try it at your next interview.

    As you have success in your search, big or small, post it here so we all can learn from your success and cheer you on!


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