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Should I "Acknowledge and Accept" this email?

  • I received a call from a IT personnel outsourcing company with a job opportunity. Initially, the caller just gave me the position title and their client’s name and then immediately asked me what my salary requirements were. I told her that I did not feel comfortable stating that since I had no idea about what the role required. She then sent me the job description which I reviewed and it seemed like a role that I could perform so then she asked for my salary requirements again and I basically gave her the same response. So she told me the salary and I told her that it was within my range. It was actually near the top of my initial range, but I did not want to state that yet. She then sent me an email with the following text included:

    “A reply as “Acknowledged and Accepted” will be considered as a confirmation to the above stated points with the rate mentioned at the top for the below mentioned position.

    Kindly confirm $__K + benefits as the annual salary for the Data Analyst position at Chicago, IL.
    This is a permanent position with [IT outsourcing company].

    – Exposure to Projects: In order to assess the client requirement, [IT outsourcing company] will establish communication between you and [IT outsourcing company] till the position is closed.
    – Right to Represent: You give [IT outsourcing company], Inc. an exclusive right to represent your profile for the discussed position.
    – Non-Solicitation/Compete: You have not been submitted in the past for this position to [IT outsourcing company] and also will not allow anyone to submit your resume directly or indirectly for this particular position.”

    Should I reply with “Acknowledged and Accepted” or should I respond in a different way? Or, based on their focus on salary up front, without much information on the role, is this a company that I should work with at all?

    [Former Member]
    Data Analyst

    Greg, that’s an interesting situation since it would working directly for the outsourcing company. When working with recruiters who will be negotiating for you, it is important to share your salary info up front so they can help you increase it. Remember, recruiters make more commission when you make a higher salary since their fee is derived from a percentage of your base salary number. However, in this case you would be working directly for the outsourcing company, and they shared the salary first, if it’s a number you would take then I would let them know the number are “Acknowledged and Accepted”, and that you’re excited to learn more about the role. Then close by asking when you can talk more about it.

    Regarding your last question about if it’s a company you would want to work for, I recommend you get all the details before making that decision. You can’t turn down an offer you don’t get, so keep them interested in pursuing you until you get to offer stage. By that point you should know exactly what the role is about and you can make a more informed decision.

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