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Resume: Evaluating Tool Insights

  • Good Evening Everyone,

    Mike and Paul have been good enough to provide me feed back on the cover letter / resume topic…. Today, I found my dream job at an organization that I have always wanted to be associated with professionally…Speaking candidly, this organization will provide me a complete professional background in Health Care as well as provide me the opportunity to work at the level I perform my best at….. anyway being a little earthy….

    I took my resume (arial 11) and the job requirements and used a product that was created by Microtrain to perform a keyword assessment. I thought my resume was great, when I ran the comparative assessment I was at a 70% match…Needless to say I was shocked…

    I worked with the tool and was able to come up to a 99.9 % Key word match…..with a overall key word match of 264%….so I am hoping that I will secure a phone screen based on these metrixs….

    Will advise everyone…what the outcome is…

    If I introduced the hyper link correctly, it is listed below

    Resume Gap Analysis

    also, Paul mentioned a word evaluation tool, which evaluates job specification sheets.
    Its location escapes me at this moment but it is in the speedupmyjobsearch site.

    To answer your direct question; 1:Customized resume Submission with the tool : 1 phone screen (with a next step).. I wish I could provide you more mature data regarding the product (been setting up my resume based on the speedup my job search site suggestions) to write the resume in a business communication style. Since I write in a full disclosure style

    Hopefully, I will have some additional numbers to share in the near future

    Many Successes To You

    Paul asked me to hop on and provide feedback on resumes when I can. I facilitate the Lisle Township Job Club at the Community Career Center in Naperville (10:30 a.m. Wednesdays) and a Resume Review Group (Mondays at 10 a.m. at the Woodridge Public Library).
    The Microtrain tool sounds similar to Job Scan (JobScan.com), which is something else you can try to see how well you are incorporating keywords from a job posting.
    Keep in mind, though, that today’s state-of-the-art ATS does more than match and count keywords. They are becoming more sophisticated, or “human-like,” and will analyze descriptions of skills and accomplishments in the context of your most recent experience and relevance to the open position. So, be aware you’re not just being scored on matching keywords.
    I hope this helps!

    Sarah Breithaupt
    [email protected]

    I will explore the tool you mention, thank you for sharing

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