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Questions about who reviewed my Linkedin profiles !

  • Paul :
    I had applied to a company in Romeoville, IL , for an Inside Sales Position about 8 months back. I was not selected. They have now advertised again in ” Indeed” for the same job.Since, I came to know the person well, I had asked her whether I can apply again for the same job.
    I had asked her on Sunday by an email. Today, 3 people from that company had viewed my Linkedin profile.
    What is your idea.? Should apply to the job again now. Should I tell her that I am aware of their reviewing my Linkedin profile ? What is your advice please.

    Jalal, it sounds like you know this person well, so give her a call. That will always be your best strategy, especially for a sales position, they will want to know you are not afraid to pick up the phone and call someone.

    Instead of saying, “I saw 3 people from your company looking at my profile,” instead just change how you present it, “I was excited to see a few people from your company checking out my profile, I hope that’s a positive sign. Do you have a few minutes to talk about that sales position?”

    By presenting it that way, you’ll still get the message across that you saw them looking, which also tells them you are thorough, but it will be received in a much more positive way. Give it a try.

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