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Networking has been a bit of a challenge to me……

  • Networking has been a bit of a challenge to me….at times I feel I do not belong there or its the wrong group professionally…. what groups do you work with and why

    Paul Cameron

    Great question, I know several people feel this same way so I appreciate you asking. There are 3 types of groups that are most beneficial to network. First are any groups where you know that the people at your target companies hang out. Any chance you “happen to meet” a hiring manager at a target company, that’s a great place to be.

    2nd, are a couple of quality job clubs. Some clubs a great, very organized and run well, while others are not so well run. The key elements you’re looking for are 1, do they create an opportunity for you to get to know the other people in attendance; 2, is it within a reasonable commute range; and 3, can you learn something while you’re there. If they hit all 3 points, pick a couple of them and start attending.

    Lastly, attend meetings that are meeting about a subject you are sincerely interested in, regardless of whether it’s job related or not. When you’re interested in the topic, it becomes VERY easy to talk with the other attendees because you have common ground and it will be very obvious that you are not talking to gain leads, you are just passionate about that thing from the meeting and then this opens doors to create new friendships, and expand your network.

    I hope that helps!

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