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Networking Group – Too Many ???

  • Networking has always been a challenge to me… maybe its because its out of my comfort zone and I really do not know how to do it well. Maybe, I feel like I’m begging people for help. Maybe I feel as though this is taking away from Custom Resumes and other methods.

    But in the past week, I have joined NSENG (Glenview), Eng (Arlington Heights) Career Place (Lake Forrest)… I also, have activity in JDNG (Naperville), St Huberts (Schaumburg)
    Holy Family (Palatine/Inverness) and a Lynn Hazan group.

    I really don’t know if this is to many groups, If there is a value add to the process.

    Paul Cameron

    Great question, and I know St. Huberts and Holy Family personally, great groups. Bob Podgorski runs the St. Huberts group and would be worth talking to. Holy Family is run by Jerry Aurigemma, and he is excellent at helping with accountability groups.

    Personally I think just a few groups are good enough. Have a home base and then rotate the rest. The goal is to meet as many people as possible, then stay in touch with them via email and calls to build the relationships. The more people you have out there who can share your story or make introductions for you the better.

    Accountability groups are the best feature of them because then you feel the pull to get everything on your list done. If meeting up with them physically is too difficult, post your action plans in the Action Plans forum in here. We’ll offer advice and keep you on it, asking if you got it done.

    Also, you mentioned JDNG, which is our group, but it’s in Wheaton. Unfortunately our facility is still under construction and it’s looking like spring before they will be finished. So I’m still trying to find another venue for it.

    On the networking topic, I did a webinar on it, but it’s a condensed version of the Networking Effectively video you can find under the Search tab of this site. For those of you who don’t have access to that page with your membership, I’ll update this post soon with a link where you can see it. Stay tuned to this thread.

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