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  • Paul,
    I have reviewed your videos on creating a resume template, and agree with all that you are saying. However, I personally am looking for a mid to senior level management position. Although I have core IT skills such as languages / OS / Methodologies, etc, I am not sure this is relevant to a manager’s resume. What is your advice? If you would like, I can email my current resume for your comment.

    Paul Cameron

    Good question, thank you for asking. The “IT Skills” section can be a “Core Competencies” section in your case, and use it to get some of the key skills that employers are looking for from your experience section into that Core section. Some of the older ATS systems will rank resumes by the number of times a keyword is on a resume. So if they do a search for “Mobile Applications” on a resume, if you have that under your recent company experience, the company before that, AND in your Core Competencies section, then you’ll rank higher than someone who only has it on there once. Does that make sense?

    Plus, this Core area gives the employer a quick and easy place to scan through for buzzwords, which is key for employers that use resume screeners who don’t have experience, or any understanding, of the skills you are describing. They are just looking for words and then deciding to pass the resume along or not.

    I’ll also add that the number of Indeed resumes and Zip Recruiter I’m getting now is astounding, and they look TERRIBLE from the employers side. So if you’re sending a well formatted document to an employer that has the skills they are looking for, you’ll get called first all day every day.

    If you post your resume in this forum I can upload it into the two Applicant Tracking Systems I have and then do a full review of it for you. You can also email me if you want, however posting it here in this private forum will give you a resource to find the review going forward, and other members can benefit from the advice as well. Sometimes it helps if you can see sample resumes of others, and my reviews of those resumes, so if you haven’t already, look through the other resumes posted in here for ideas for your own. When you post yours, I’ll give it a full review.

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