Speed Up My Job Search


  • Please review my LinkedIn profile, and advise me on what I should add or remove to fully capture the attention of potential employers.


    For starters, expand where your profile says, “Account Executive”, the Headline. You have 120 characters to use in that space and you want to fill that with as many relevant words as possible. Other companies might call an Account Executive an Account Manager, or a Sales Executive, or (looking at your profile) an Account Supervisor. You want to give a potential recruiter or hiring manager the best possible chance to find you regardless of what specific terms they’re searching for. Keep in mind recruiters are not searching for the work “experienced” or “passionate” etc, so keep the headline optimized to help employers find the titles they want to find.

    Next, in your summary, the first thing you want people to see is your email address on its own line. Recruiters may be using the mobile version on the train riding to work and only the first line of your summary will be visible to them. Putting your email address first will make it easier for them to contact you.

    As far as your experience, your descriptions are good but you can make them better by adding in more details. Unlike a resume, you can load your job descriptions up with a lot more information. I recommend you do this because a potential recruiter won’t be searching just for an account executive. They will be adding industry terms, skills, and buzzwords to narrow their search results. To make the cut, you want to make sure those terms are in your experience.

    For sales positions, if you can list percentage to quotas, that’s always an eye catcher for employers. If they can see you consistently exceeded sales goals, and by how much, they will call.

    I highly recommend you build up your skills and endorsements. Search for and connect with LinkedIn users that have “I Never IDK” on their profiles. Once connected, endorse their skills and ask them to endorse yours 3 to 5 specific skills of yours. If you name the skills you want to build up, your likelihood of getting them is much better. I experimented a lot with that, and asking for 3 to 5 specific skills got the greatest return. These skills are searchable in the new LinkedIn so you want to have them built up to increase your visibility to recruiters.

    Under your recommendations, it’s good that you have a few, but at this point they are 3 years old. I would recommend reaching out to current and former colleagues you have maintained a relationship with and ask them to write you a recommendation if they’re comfortable with it.

    The best resource I would recommend for more LinkedIn ideas is to go into our JDNG Archive (under the resources tab) and watch the video by Denis Curtin. He is a LinkedIn profile expert, and even though the version of LinkedIn he discusses in that seminar was older, the points are still very valid and worth implementing.

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