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  • I have had some phone screens where I can honestly hear the person typing…I ask them what are you doing. They say typing your responses… (will come back to this point)…During the interview or phone screen…I ask some questions, I have discovered that they cant or wont answer the question using the “that’s up to the hiring manager to respond to”…. How do you handle this situation ?

    (Special Note) I did ask them to read back what I said to a given question which was one of those black and white responses from myself and the couldn’t or wouldn’t. What are your thoughts on this situation.

    Paul Cameron

    I would hope they are taking down your responses, otherwise they have to rely on memory to review your comments. I personally type in answers myself as well rather than writing them because I type faster than I write. So I wouldn’t worry about hearing them type, or precisely what they are typing. Remember, you’re goal is to make them feel good about the conversation, and putting them on the spot or asking them to read answers back might put them on the defensive and create the wrong feel.

    One you realize you’ve asked a question that’s over their head, now you know where to focus your questions. If they can’t adequately answer questions about the position, they CAN answer questions about the company because they work there. So find out what they like about it there. “After you started, were there any pleasant surprises about working there that you couldn’t have known about during the interview process?” Set them up to talk about what they like about the place. It will make them feel like they are helping to keep you interested, you’ll make them reflect on positive events and feelings, and thereby give them a better feel about your conversation with them. That will help you get to the next step.

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