Speed Up My Job Search

Lessons Learned

  • Hi Everybody

    I have just had my dream job interview (phone screen with hiring manager) and I have secured the next steps of the process….fingers cross the all goes well. But allow me to share a little background and ask for feedback.

    It is a perfect fit, It is a perfect culture (one I have succeed in before) Its in the industry I desire…. the hiring managers style matches my own….totally positive across the board.
    As for myself, I did well – grand slam (no) but I kept the ball in the park….

    Thinking out loud, can anyone explain to me why I created 25 pages of documentation.
    That I reviewed, prepped with and used as a foundation.
    (3) Relating to the company and position
    (2) Relating to the advertisement
    (8) Pages of behavioral – Based on past experiences
    (8) Pages of Niche – Based on past experiences
    (4) Pages of Situational – Based on past experiences

    Could this work against me….could this make me be “robotic” instead of being proactive in the interview….should I not prepare to this level….could this work against me hurting my chances….

    How do you prepare….

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