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Having Completed The Setup Desk I have questions

  • Good Morning Everyone, To provide a little background. I will be doing a deep dive into each and every section within speedupmyjobsearch.com… presenting accomplishments and then asking questions (lessons learned is a good term for it)

    As for setting up you work space…. I was honestly one of those people who thought I was ready to go… two hours later, I realized how disorganized I was…

    (1) I was using multiple work spaces (because of my netbook and notebook)
    (2) My paperwork existed in two locations
    (3) My electronic documents (Handbills, Cover Letters, Resumes) existed in multiple
    locations…with copies of copies
    (4) Basically, I was all over the place…. If a phone call unexpectedly was received I would
    be dead (what position was that again)

    So thanks to this video, I have
    – created 1 workspace
    – Created the folder structure suggested
    Adding a handbill folder, General scraps of paper (notations from meetings) 15 second
    speech folder.
    – I have a spiral bound folder, paper tablet, smaller tablet and a pocket tablet along with
    folders containing Toastmasters Information and Job related cheat sheets as I refer to
    them as
    – I have one set of business cards, one handbill, one 15 second speech that I am building out on and cover letter I am working on (to have one direct customizable cover)
    and a resume template (to have one direct custom version)
    – I have Black Case that zips so nothing drops out of it by mistake
    – I have secured a grammar and spelling book * 😮
    – I have secured a Steven Provenzano Letter / Resume writing book
    – I have moved all of documents to the cloud to eliminate redundancy
    – I have secured all of my contacts from meetings, group lists into one location
    – I have establish one electronic area…which has each submissions requirements the resume and cover that where used…Additionally, I have the print outs as well
    – I have secured supplies (2 areas I use occasionally dependent on what I have in my pocket

    Basically, I am now organized…when I thought I was already organized. The biggest problem for me was electronic documents and working all over the house…

    Should I get a day planner, so if Im on the phone away from a computer I can look at my schedule….

    Are there any other thoughts or snafus that people can share to help me ???

    Paul Cameron

    Great job on getting organized. The primary benefit to it is not only being able to act more quickly and look sharp in any situation, such as an unexpected phone call, it’s also to inspire confidence in yourself. So if you’d be more confident having a day planner, grab one, but if you have a smartphone, download a note taking app where you can put a to do list or schedule. Personally I use Trello.com, but I know a lot of people who use Evernote. Great job getting all this done.

    hank you for the suggestion, I do use onenote.. but I will explore Trello and Evernote.

    Allow me to elaborate a little further, the situation I was concerned about in one of the following settings: Networking Group or Speaking with Someone both situations no computer just mobile device. What is the easiest process and what doesn’t look silly (in all honesty) I elected to take advantage of the folder concept, printing off my schedule from outlook from the current date forward one month. That gives me quick access at a glance,
    granted I have to open my binder, but its their immediately and I can respond quickly at a glance since I have storage (resumes, business cards,pens), a notepad and a binder type clasp on the other side. 🙂

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