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Groups to join on Linkedin, facebook, etc

  • Does anyone know any good industry groups to join on Linkedin, facebook, etc. for network emgineers?

    Paul Cameron

    For LinkedIn specifically, the goal is access. LinkedIn is a research tool, so the more people you are connected to, either by group or by personal connection, the better. So using the search bar across the top of LinkedIn, to the left there is a drop-down where you can select “Groups”, then click search with nothing in search box. This will result in a list of ALL groups in LinkedIn, of which you can join 100, and I’d recommend you try to join all of the largest ones you can. By doing that, you’ll add access to over 20 million people, including their names and profiles. The next time you’re trying to find the hiring manager’s name at a target company, this will significantly improve your chances of finding that person.

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