Speed Up My Job Search

Goals and Accountability

  • As of today, I am sitting with 23 pages of information to digest…
    (1) Interview (no need to get nervous – Communications, Interpersonal, Skill Set)
    be yourself, connect, have some fun, enjoy the experience
    but know the benefits you can provide to help the company
    (2) Company High Level Information
    (3) The Position, what they need and how I align
    (4) Background from HR
    (5) Research and Questions have some good questions….
    (6) Have four story areas that align to the position areas…this way I wont be thinking to myself “ok, you did xxxxx there, oh scratch that one, xxxx over there was better, wait but that didn’t cover XXXX… Ill go back to the original one” for that second or two before responding to the question.
    (7) Have the tell me about yourself, what I do, how I add value, transition points
    (8) Have about 40 broadbased question (behavioral, experience…etc)
    (9) Niche questions…

    I still have my detailed research to do…..my goal is to
    (1) Interview communications / interpersonal completed tomorrow night
    (2) skill presentation Thursday
    (3) Question answers / Research – Friday
    (4) Running the entire process Sat – Sund (not to be rehearsed – but to be relaxed, like I have been working for the company for years)
    (5) Saturday and Sunday (resumes and contact reachouts)
    (6) Monday 48 hours before….watch the mock interview again….
    (7) Tuesday….confirm to myself….personally that Im ready (most Important person)
    (8) Do it and succeed

    The positive is that I have set up a template for successes moving forward…for all opportunities. Phone Screens, Interviews, Handbill, Cover letter, Resume, Thank you note and follow-up…

    Thanks speedupmyjobsearch….

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