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Does Paul's Process Work? A qualified YES!!!

  • Hello,

    I’ve recently found myself back on the market. I’m an experience professional with a background in P&L Management, Service Operations and Technical Sales experience. My passion is in the Service industry and building high performance teams and generating profitable growth.

    I’m just beginning my search, however this post is less about me and more about the process that Paul has developed with SpeedUpMyJobSearch.com. In mid-2014 I also found myself on the market. In between learning how to fly fish, I spent 3.5 months searching jobs, calling contacts, etc., etc. I took a shotgun approach to the job search with little to no results. I knew I needed a faster, better way to conduct my search. That’s when I found SpeedUpMyJobSearch.com and learned about a better process. Coupling this new found knowledge, adopting a positve mindset and developing a plan of action, I was able to land 3 new offers in the next six weeks all coming in on the same day!

    A pessimist may say, “how good was it… you are on the market again! While that is true, my situation is a function of the economy and me knowingly selecting a high risk, high reward opportunity. With the help of Paul and SpeedUpMyJobSearch.com the offers received were with reputable Fortune 500 companies in the Engineering and CyberSecurity space.

    My experience with SpeedUpMyJobSearch.com has taken some of the worry away about landing the next assignment.

    Thanks Paul! I’m actually looking forward to my new search!

    Paul Cameron

    Thanks so much for sharing your story here! The biggest takeaway for others seeing this is that while the tactics taught here DO work, it still takes the individual putting them to use for them to work. You obviously followed the plan closely and then implemented everything, which is key. We didn’t have this forum last time you were a member, so please feel welcome to take advantage of it, ask questions, post action plans, whatever you need. Thanks again.

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