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Diluting Yourself…..

  • Continued from another post regarding resume posts to boards.

    At one point in time, I was looking for an opportunity… I put my resume on career builder and another site and made it searchable ( instead of receiving 100’s of phone calls) I maybe received 4-5 over a month for positions I did not align to, Having shared that allow
    me to address another similar situation.

    Recruiters, at one point in time…I reached out to every possible recruiter I could to generate traction. Needless to say, It was a bad move…

    (1) duplicate submissions
    (2) where have you been submitted, what roles, who have you spoken with

    I basically, I flooded the market with my resume and It did work against me for reasons Paul mentions… Heck, I even had submissions taking place on my behalf…That I did not know about.

    Bottom line, follow Pauls suggestions.

    Paul Cameron

    Thanks Mike, reaching out to recruiters is okay, but make sure you have the conversation with them that they are not to present your information to anyone without your permission once you know who the client is first. The good ones won’t have any issue with that, but the ones who are sending out mass emails with resumes attached will not be okay with it. I have a blog post to help you determine who is a good one and who isn’t. Check the reference link in this post below.

    Regarding your other point, when you post on the sites, especially for management level roles at your level, that often does more harm than good. The calls you get are not strong fits, and you’ve effectively told the marketplace that you are not a scarce commodity, and/or that your network of connections is small since you had to post your resume. Leaders are often brought in with the expectation that they can bring some people with them, but if your resume is on Monster, you’ve obviously tapped your network.

    Please don’t take that the wrong way, if you’re in a situation where you really need to find something, anything, quickly, then posting gives you more options. However, I would reserve that for a last resort.


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