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Connect with a LION?

  • In doing some web research, there are some opinions out there that you should connect on LinkedIn with a few LION’s to expand the breadth of your network. Sounded like if you did not, you will not have a chance to show up in recruiter searches. If you do, you’ll show as a 2nd or 3rd connection and be more inclined to get a response. Is this true and do you recommend this strategy?

    Paul Cameron

    Yes, definitely connect with LIONs, for 2 reasons. First is just what you were talking about, recruiters who use the applicant tracking system that LinkedIn makes, called LinkedIn Recruiter, will filter results of their searches by only showing people who have more than 500 connections. So if you have less than 500, you will be invisible to those recruiters. Since it costs over $7,000 per seat for LinkedIn recruiter, that’s usually the only ATS they are using.

    The second reason is because LinkedIn is a research tool, and the bigger your network the more useful it is. For example, if you wanted to find more target companies, you would go to LinkedIn and search for people who do what you do, your title in your zip code, then just open their profiles to see where they worked and you have a nice target list. Well if you only connected to a few people, and those few people have small networks, then your list results will be very small. But if you’re connected to LIONs (LinkedIn Open Connectors) then you’ll have a much larger results page with more relevant people on it. Does that make sense? So connect with as many people as you can so your research will be more effective.

    To grow your list quickly, just put in the search box of LinkedIn “I never IDK” in quotes, then filter it down to people in the United States, and then just send invites. You don’t need to personalize the message, they want the invite. IDK stands means “I won’t hit the I Don’t Know you button” which hurts your profile.

    Also join the largest groups you can because group members come up in your search results too. To find them, just search the groups section on LinkedIn, but leave the search box empty, a null search, and it will return a list of ALL groups in LinkedIn starting with the largest to the smallest, request to join all the big ones. You’ll grow your visibility by 20 million people in less than a week!

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