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Completed Social Media and Daily Weekly Goals – Questions

  • Great additional insights especially the planner at this point in time. It will be a little difficult for me to use the planner to its fullest however, I have been able to

    1. Establish a daily / weekly schedule
    2. Determined how many quality resumes I can send out daily – 7 day work week (cold)
    3. Established a quality resume attempt to contact process before sending resumes based
    on the 7 day work week,,,basically I will attempt to contact the recruiter via phone
    (when direct number is listed) or attempt to contact via phone system. If I can not
    make this contact within 24 – 36 hours) at hour 36 I submit quality resume.
    * Then again, I could submit and reach out at the same time…..anyones thoughts.
    4. Have created a new email account….
    5. Have requested job alerts from several sites
    6. Have attempted to use startwire
    7. Will attempt to be at 2 networking events a week
    8. Going to stay with LinkedIn
    9. As for my level 1 companies…I am doing light research at this point in time Not knowing who will call or not call

    But I think im positioned, any additional thoughts or anything I am not seeing anyone ???

    Paul Cameron

    Great list, but I’d always recommend reaching out to the hiring managers before you call the recruiters. If they introduce you to the recruiters, great, but maybe they just have a conversation with you right then when you call. No sense creating an extra layer to get through. Otherwise, great list.

    Bottom line, Stay focused on hiring managers secured through linkedin and/or company through company web-sites (direct focus)… Secondary, Recruiters at same,

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