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After Completing The Resume Section (I have seen the light)

  • Allow me to share a little background with everyone, Throughout my career I have occasionally had to write a cover letter and resume. So, naturally I thought I new what to do perfectly..”provide all of the information on the planet regarding my skill sets across 5-6 pages” and I’m good to go… Its worked in the past. Customization, I don’t need to customize…my resume has everything in it, its great and it takes to long (hands to head – heavy sigh)

    Talk about a learning experience….
    After LISTENING and I do mean LISTENING to each of the videos, I discovered that my mindset was wrong, I assumed I knew what to do, I may have even been a little closed minded to Change (being one of those before resume individuals)

    Talk Points Make Sense
    2-4 Pages Makes Sense (based on the advertisement and audience) – Less Cover
    ATS Most Number of Times / Key Word Test – (its the bomb as a family member would say)
    Summary Core and Wkhist
    A customization not taking 1-2 hour (wow)

    I am going to change….I have seen the light.

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