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Accuracy of ‘Estimated Salary’ in LinkedIn

  • How accurate is the ‘Estimated Salary’ that LinkedIn shows to the right when you scroll down while reviewing a job description? That’s not coming from that employer right? I have not applied for jobs when I did previous LinkedIn searches and the ‘Estimated Salary’ for that job title was too low but am not sure how accurate ‘Estimated Salary’ info is.

    That’s a fair question Doug. The LinkedIn estimates do seem to be more accurate than the salary estimators from other job boards or salary sites that are sponsored by job boards. The the job board salary sites are typically higher than reality, which then encourages people to post their resume on their board. LinkedIn is taking an actual average of the salaries from their posted positions.

    This still isn’t a great indicator of what to pursue though. Every company has their own budgeting plan. Some companies underpay their people and just work them until they burn out and quit. Others will overpay their people which makes it very difficult for them to leave since they are being paid so much more than what the market is paying. So know your numbers going into the negotiation, what you need and what you want, and negotiate from there.

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