Speed Up My Job Search

Halloween with Jim Fergle of workNet DuPage

“The Descent into Davy Jones’ Locker and Back” was the journey Captain Mad Dog Fergle took us on this year. Every year Mad Dog, a.k.a. Jim Fergle of workNet DuPage, picks a different story, shows up in full makeup and costume, and takes us on a journey through the job search.

This is a can’t miss presentation every year from one of the most creative people in the job search coaching industry, and it is an honor to record these presentations for him. Captain Mad Dog Fergle is just one of the many faces of Jim Fergle, and we hope to share more of them with you soon.

In this journey, you’ll learn about Davy’s crew members following you around through your job search like Frustration, Bewilderment, and Despair. You’ll also learn about the Sea Captains who can lead you through it such as the Explorer, the Artist, the Judge, and the Warrior.

Captain Mad Dog Fergle will help you identify the chains holding you down, and how to remove them. He’ll show you how to take inventory of your supplies, your ship’s condition, and capabilities to keep you from getting shipwrecked, or from visiting Someday Isle! (“Someday I’ll do that…”)

He’ll show you the possibilities in front of you and where look for jobs that haven’t been posted – as in, specifically which publications and what to look for! He even names some companies as examples from the articles he found a few days before. He offers negotiating strategies, and emphasizes the importance of having the right mental approach to the job search.

To learn more about workNet DuPage, visit: https://worknetdupage.org

If you are in the local are, stop by 2525 Cabot Drive in Naperville, IL and take advantage of the vast resources available to you. They have a huge library. They pay for certifications. They offer comprehensive bootcamps. And it’s all FREE! Paid for through through grants by the state.

Jim has been a friend to SpeedUpMyJobSearch.com from it’s beginning and the 12 years prior to its beginning! One of Paul Cameron’s first job club presentation was back in 2002 was for Jim Fergle’s job club, and he’s been doing one every year ever since. I’m grateful for Jim’s friendship and for letting me see this great Halloween special every year. Thanks Jim!!