The Ultimate Networking eCourse

The focus of this course is advanced networking strategies for in-person events. Learn how recruiters (professional networkers) do networking! For ALL types of networking help, your Networking Membership includes LOTS more resources.

This eCourse includes:

  • Essential Event Networking Concepts
  • Pre-Event Preparation Actions
  • Tactics to Employ During the Event
  • The Trust Formula - Quantitatively ID Strategic Topics
  • Ending Conversations, Exiting Events, and Following Up
  • A Downloadable Networking Event Preparation Checklist

All these job search tools included in the Networking Membership!

$14 per month
Save 20% Quarterly
or 35% Annually

Networking Members

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The BEST day to build your professional network was 10 years ago.
The NEXT BEST day is today! Our Networking Membership includes:

  • The Ultimate Networking eCourse - learn how recruiters do networking
  • Learn how to build and keep a career network active & productive
  • Access to over 1,500 real jobs across the U.S.A. with exclusive follow up
  • A Listing in our employer-searchable Talent Directory (if desired)
  • Start your own professional blog attached to your profile listing!
  • Post your resume in blog format indexing keywords in search engines
  • An advanced, custom-built Job Tracking Pipeline Tool for efficiency
  • Access ALL of our JDNG Job Club seminars (new ones added regularly)
  • Online Accountability Groups with your colleagues and/or our members
  • Direct Message & Connect with other Job Seeking Members and Alumni
  • When you land a job, access our Accelerated Careers Onboarding Program
  • Alumni Directory Placement when hired for networking & SEO building

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