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Resumes & Cover Letters

Resumes can be written to create faster feedback, but you still need to cover the basics. That is why we start with Resume Basics, and then build off of that foundation to craft a resume with impact.

Not everyone reads cover letters, so you need a template which you can quickly customize to have a good cover letter, but not lose time on it. We show you specifically how to do it, and provide you with a template to work from.

Our approach to Thank You Letters is a difference-maker. They shouldn’t be considered “just a nice thing to do” after an interview. They should be strategically built to create interest and to inspire action from the employer. We share our format in detail, including a template to work from, and we walk you through how to prepare to write the thank you letter before your interview!

Handbills should be constructed as a tool for Job Clubs. In our last lesson in this eCourse we discuss how to create a Handbill to maximize your time at job clubs.