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Networking is the #1 most popular way to land a job. The focus of this course is event networking.

You will learn exact phrases to start conversations, topics to discuss, strategies to build trust, and how to follow up afterwards. If you wish you were better at networking, then this is the eCourse you want. You will know what you're doing and you'll start seeing results immediately.


The BEST day to build your network was 10 years ago. The NEXT BEST day is today! Our Job Search Fundamentals Membership (formerly "Networking Membership") includes:

  • The Ultimate Networking eCourse - learn how recruiters do networking
  • Access to over 1,500 real jobs across the U.S.A. with exclusive follow up
  • A Job Tracking Pipeline Tool for efficient search project management
  • Access ALL of our JDNG Job Club seminars (new ones added regularly)
  • When you land a job, access our Accelerated Careers Onboarding Program
  • A Listing in our employer-searchable Talent Directory*
  • Post your resume in blog format indexing keywords in search engines*
  • Start your own professional blog attached to your profile listing!*