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How can a senior professional, especially those in leadership positions, allow future employers to get an in-depth understanding of how they solve problems, or what types of challenges they've overcome, or the full scale of the projects they've successfully completed? Formal interviews can give a glimpse into their work style and abilities, but even then there is only so much that can be observed in a limited time frame.

Over the years the one tool I've seen senior professionals use successfully to be selected for a great position is blogging. By writing about situations, philosophies, and offering advice to issues you know today's employers are facing, you'll not only gain a following (which creates opportunities), but you'll establish yourself as an expert in your field. The most common reason for NOT starting a blog is simply knowing how to start, where to host it, and what's involved.

Our goal at is to provide job seekers with every advantage possible to help them efficiently land a position they will love. We already have a Talent Directory to host digital portfolios for our members which highlights their skills for employers to find, but now they can start blogging right from that same portfolio! There's no additional charge, just start blogging and backlinking to your other profiles so more employers can find you. This project also opened another HUGE advantage for job seekers that we weren't expecting.

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