8 Essential Tips for Skype Interviews

Preparing for a Skype interview? Here are 8 essential tips for better Skype interviews:Skype

1) Phone First and Stay Professional. Sometimes Skype requests don’t go through right away and the sender will wonder why the other hasn’t accepted yet. Eliminate this frustration by starting on the phone. And use a Skype handle that is professional! If your handle is “drugsRcool” or “tequilaworm”, get a new one! They are free. Choose your name, or initials, or better yet, try finding one that incorporates the title of the position you are interviewing for such as, “the_data_guru”. This will give them the impression that you live for this job!

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LinkedIn Employment Strategy Using Referral Programs


Wouldn’t it be great if you knew someone at your target company? Then they could personally hand your resume to HR and you’d be first in line. That would be best case scenario, right?It would actually be a best case scenario for your contact too, because they would likely get a bonus check for making the referral.

Employee referral programs are the 2nd most popular way to find a job. That means LOTS of companies have them, and their employees are eager to cash in.

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Turning Bad Luck into Good Job Search Luck

In my previous blog I talked about how job search didn’t have to involve luck, bLucky Pennyut I’m hearing from people who firmly believe that a successful job search DOES depend on luck. Okay, so I’ll show you how to turn bad luck into good job search luck, even when it seems like all the luck is being dished out to the people around you.

Like to the guy who got rejected for a job he wasn’t qualified for, but they changed the qualifications, called him back and hired him!

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Tactics to Find Hidden Jobs, it's Not Luck!

YouTube: Tactics to Find Hidden Jobs, it's Not Luck!Finding a good job fast doesn’t have to involve luck or market conditions, it’s about knowledge and tactics. I hear people tell me, “Paul the number of jobs that are available for me to apply to is not up to me, and that means it IS luck!”  I just don’t agree.  I think that means you need to know about more places to look for jobs, and that’s knowledge, not luck.

Did you know there are thousands of jobs sitting online that are NOT advertised anywhere, and they’re available to be searched by anyone? I’ll explain how to do it here, but if you watch the video of this blog, it will be much easier to follow.

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Big Employment Gap? That's Your Edge!

YouTube: Big Employment Gap? That's Your Edge!If you’ve been unemployed for more than 6 months, you’ve likely already seen employers start to shy away, wondering why it’s taking you so long to find a job. They think, “If no one else is hiring this person, why should I? What if they make me look bad?”

In fact, earlier this year President Obama started urging executives with some larger companies such as Walgreens, McDonald’s and Boeing to hire the long term unemployed. The President said, “It’s a cruel Catch-22. The longer you’re unemployed, the more unemployable you may seem. This is an illusion, but it’s one that, unfortunately, we know statistically is happening out there.”

It’s wonderful that the President has noticed the issue and is trying to change it, but when it comes down to it, the perceived risk is still high. If there is another option for the employer, and THEIR job depends on them making the right hire, they will likely hire the person with the lowest perceived risk.

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Comparing Recruiters: Who's Better?

Working with recruiters should be an important part of your job search strategy, but how do you know who is good, and who’s not? CompareHow can you tell who will really try to match your skills to the job, and who is just trying to hit a monthly “interviews arranged” quota number for their office?

We’ve all heard the horror stories, and unfortunately, many are true! For every 25 bad recruiters out there, in reality there’s probably only 1 really good one. That’s not a good ratio, but I want to show you how to find the really good ones.

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Jobs Posted by Recruiters: 5 Tips to Get Results

Recruiter ResultsAll things being equal, if one person applies directly to a company online, and another person has their resume handed to the hiring manager from someone they trust with a personal recommendation about why they fit the position, is briefed before each interview about what to expect and how to approach the interviews, and has someone who can negotiate salary for them, express any concerns for them and get delicate questions answered for them without having to ask themselves, who has the best chance of getting the job? Obviously going through a good recruiter gives you a tremendous advantage. However, your approach to the application process needs to be different than just applying to jobs on a corporate website.

Recruiters find people for jobs, not jobs for people. Knowing that, it’s important to position yourself as someone they need to find.

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4 Email Tips to Speed Up Your Job Search

Let's talk email. For the longest time I looked at each email I received as a mini homework assignment. I Emailreally hated it. By not responding, I saved lots of time, but unknowingly, I missed opportunities because I was upsetting everyone I didn't respond to. So I needed to find a way to use email to my advantage. Here are 4 key tips to help you use email to your advantage.

First, since email is free, create a new one for your job search. Pick a name related to the job you want, or the industry. For example, if you are looking for a job as an accountant, create an email address like [email protected], or [email protected] When people get emails from you, the immediate impression is NOT that you're blasting your resume for any kind of job, but rather that you're only applying to accounting jobs because that's what you love doing. If you have multiple specialties, have multiple addresses. People are drawn to people who are passionate about what they do.

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How to Give and Get Good References

Giving good references can be just as important to your career as getting them. ReferencesAre you ready? In a time when the average tenure at any given company is less than 3 years, strong networks are essential to avoid long periods of unemployment. To maintain a strong network, there are specific actions you can take to ensure you are both giving and receiving great references.

Have you recently been asked to be a reference? If you can honestly give a good reference, do it. If you cannot give a good reference I recommend not doing it because there are too many risks involved. Not only will you put yourself at risk for defamation lawsuits, but you also make it known to an employer that you have no trouble trashing someone else's reputation. If you should ever find yourself applying to a company where someone who checked that reference has since then moved to and their only memory of you is how you trashed that other person, then you potentially lose that opportunity. Whatever you do, don’t be a reference for spite, so you can "get even" with that terrible employee/colleague by giving a bad reference. That may feel great for about 10 minutes, but it can do years of damage to YOU. It's just not worth it.

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Blasting your Resume will SLOW DOWN your Job Search!

BlastLooking for a way to speed up your job search? Then you no doubt have seen the websites out there that promise to blast your resume out to over 300 employers with 1 click. This will effectively SLOW DOWN your search guaranteed. Here’s a great analogy for you.

Let’s say Mike and I both wanted to make a meaningful connection with a girl. To accomplish this, we both decide to visit 10 bars together over the weekend. My strategy is to take 30 business cards up to the bartender when I walk through the door, ask him or her to distribute them to 30 women in the bar for me. The card will read:

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