Executive Job Search Strategies That Work!

Executive SearchSearching for a job at the executive level is a VERY different game. During a relatively short interview, executive candidates must prove that they…

• Have the skills to do the job
• Can be trusted to lead seasoned employees
• Will be taken seriously as an outsider
• Will make smart decisions with the company’s money

That’s a lot to accomplish in just a couple hours!

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Is Interview Preparation Cheating?

Interview PreparationSomeone asked me why employers would want recruiters to prepare candidates for interviews. "Isn't that like cheating? Wouldn't they get a better vantage point to see how people really are if they don't know what to expect in the interview?"

In fact, I actually had a new client unexpectedly call my candidate BEFORE the scheduled appointment so he wouldn't be "prepared" and so he could see a "real picture" of this candidate. The candidate did okay because he was very senior level and had the experience this client needed, but he certainly could have done significantly better if he were prepared. The employer and I had a good discussion about it afterwards, and I thought if there were other employers who share this opinion that they might be interested in the topic as well.

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Resumes and Word Clouds – Get Creative!

Word Cloud
Have you ever heard of Word Clouds?  For those of you who haven’t, a Word Cloud is a bunch of text that gets jumbled around and made into a picture.  As a Creative Director I’ve made a few of them myself, and they’re pretty cool.  They make things much more visually stimulating, and there are a lot of different settings so you can pick your font, color scheme, design, shape, etc.

How Can Word Clouds Help You?

  1. Pinpoint keywords on your resume
  2. Find target skills in job descriptions

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Stress Relief for Job Seekers

Stress Reduction KitSearching for a job can be very stressful, regardless of how long you’ve been looking. The good news however is that job seekers have more control than they think they do, and it IS possible to take control over your stress level.

Control What You Can Control
True, you cannot make someone hire you, but there are many things you CAN control to get you there.

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8 Essential Tips for Skype Interviews

Preparing for a Skype interview? Here are 8 essential tips for better Skype interviews:Skype

1) Phone First and Stay Professional. Sometimes Skype requests don’t go through right away and the sender will wonder why the other hasn’t accepted yet. Eliminate this frustration by starting on the phone. And use a Skype handle that is professional! If your handle is “drugsRcool” or “tequilaworm”, get a new one! They are free. Choose your name, or initials, or better yet, try finding one that incorporates the title of the position you are interviewing for such as, “the_data_guru”. This will give them the impression that you live for this job!

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LinkedIn Employment Strategy Using Referral Programs


Wouldn’t it be great if you knew someone at your target company? Then they could personally hand your resume to HR and you’d be first in line. That would be best case scenario, right?It would actually be a best case scenario for your contact too, because they would likely get a bonus check for making the referral.

Employee referral programs are the 2nd most popular way to find a job. That means LOTS of companies have them, and their employees are eager to cash in.

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Turning Bad Luck into Good Job Search Luck

In my previous blog I talked about how job search didn’t have to involve luck, bLucky Pennyut I’m hearing from people who firmly believe that a successful job search DOES depend on luck. Okay, so I’ll show you how to turn bad luck into good job search luck, even when it seems like all the luck is being dished out to the people around you.

Like to the guy who got rejected for a job he wasn’t qualified for, but they changed the qualifications, called him back and hired him!

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Tactics to Find Hidden Jobs, it's Not Luck!

YouTube: Tactics to Find Hidden Jobs, it's Not Luck!Finding a good job fast doesn’t have to involve luck or market conditions, it’s about knowledge and tactics. I hear people tell me, “Paul the number of jobs that are available for me to apply to is not up to me, and that means it IS luck!”  I just don’t agree.  I think that means you need to know about more places to look for jobs, and that’s knowledge, not luck.

Did you know there are thousands of jobs sitting online that are NOT advertised anywhere, and they’re available to be searched by anyone? I’ll explain how to do it here, but if you watch the video of this blog, it will be much easier to follow.

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Big Employment Gap? That's Your Edge!

YouTube: Big Employment Gap? That's Your Edge!If you’ve been unemployed for more than 6 months, you’ve likely already seen employers start to shy away, wondering why it’s taking you so long to find a job. They think, “If no one else is hiring this person, why should I? What if they make me look bad?”

In fact, earlier this year President Obama started urging executives with some larger companies such as Walgreens, McDonald’s and Boeing to hire the long term unemployed. The President said, “It’s a cruel Catch-22. The longer you’re unemployed, the more unemployable you may seem. This is an illusion, but it’s one that, unfortunately, we know statistically is happening out there.”

It’s wonderful that the President has noticed the issue and is trying to change it, but when it comes down to it, the perceived risk is still high. If there is another option for the employer, and THEIR job depends on them making the right hire, they will likely hire the person with the lowest perceived risk.

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