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Understanding Applicant Tracking Systems is critical to getting the job you want, and the danger is NOT about keywords!!

The danger is in your formatting, not keywords. If the ATS cannot read your resume and parse your information correctly, i.e. put your name in the name field, your phone number in the phone field, your email address in the email field, then those fields will be left blank and seen as an error by the ATS, and can be deleted before anyone ever sees that you applied!

Keywords are just skills. If an employer needs a Java Developer and you don’t list Java on your resume, that’s a skills problem, not an ATS problem. However, if you HAVE experience with Java and you’re still not getting calls, you could have a formatting problem. We are not speculating based on hear-say, we are actually testing resumes on real ATS, 2 of them, and sharing the results. Here is what our ATS Compatibility Test includes:

  • We test your resume on both of our Applicant Tracking Systems
  • We send you screenshots of the actual results of your scans
  • We give you a detailed report on your results with recommendations
  • We also share lesser-known ATS compatibility issues we’ve experienced on multiple corporate ATS we interact with daily
  • We will test your resume a second time after you have made the recommended changes to make sure it passes

$10 for ATS testing on both systems, with screenshots of the results only, and the number of possible concerns for other system.

$68 for the the test results and the detailed report describing ALL possible concerns and how to fix them.

Start with the ATS Test for $10. If it scans well, no need to buy the full report, but if it doesn’t scan well, your receipt will include a coupon code for $10 off the full report.

Resume & Cover Letter Writing eCourse

This eCourse comes with 6 instructional videos covering much more than just Resumes and Cover Letters.

  • Resume Basics video duration: 10:47
    • Learn the fundamental elements every resume must include
    • This video creates a solid foundation on which to build the more advanced strategies to get responses
  • Beyond Resume Basics video duration: 12:21
    • Here we begin to construct the resume per the template guidelines
    • Our resume template not only ensures ATS compatibility, but also allows for quick customizations
  • Customizing Your Resume video duration: 17:13
    • Using the template from the last video, learn how to customize quickly
    • Learn which sections are most important, how screeners read resumes, and how to grab their eye
  • Cover Letters video duration: 11:37
    • Not everyone reads cover letters, so you need a quickly customizable, but effective template
    • Learn to create a good cover letter, but not lose time doing it
  • Thank You Letters video duration: 17:55
    • Learn to construct a Thank You Letter that creates action
    • Numerous students of SpeedUpMyJobSearch.com point to THIS video as the reason they got an offer!
  • Handbills & Job Clubs video duration: 28:43
    • Learn how to create effective Handbills for job clubs and networking
    • Learn the important elements of Handbills to create memorable impressions and generate targeted leads

$29 for 30 days of access to this course, $49 for 90 days

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Networking Memership

  • The Ultimate Networking eCourse
  • Talent Directory Placement (opt)
  • Custom Job Tracking Pipeline Tool
  • Access ALL recorded JDNG seminars
  • The Accelerated Careers Onboarding Program

$14/month. Save 20% Quarterly, or 35% Annually

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