Speed Up My Job Search

3 PHASES of Coaching

What is PHASE?

Probabilities + Habits + Agile Scrum = Efficiency

When you chase viable jobs while measuring results and adapting based on results, you will create more opportunities without wasting time. Click here to take our free PHASE eCourse to see how the courses work, or review our 3 coaching levels below.

PHASE 1 – On-Demand Learning

PHASE 1 Job Search Training is 100% video-based training; watch only what you want and apply the skills immediately.

You have access to all courses (over 40 hours of training videos) covering virtually all aspects of job search.

You also get your own Search Management Trello Board to organize your search. Click the dropdown arrows beside each course title to see all the modules included.

PHASE 2 – Job Search Coaching

PHASE 2 is for those who want structure and coaching accountability for an active job search. It includes:
– Access to all 40 hours of on-demand training
– A 1-hour coaching call with Paul
– An Interview Preparation call with DiSC Reports completed on your interviewers
– Access to our Friday Group Coaching Calls every 2nd & 4th Friday from 7:30am to 8:30am Central Standard Time.
– Access to all previously recorded meetings

Previous meeting topics include:
– Interviewing for Leadership Positions
– Advanced Post-Interview Follow Up Tactics
– Calling Employers, What to Say & Send (including specific scripts and templates)

Upcoming meeting topics include:
March 13: Assessing & Using DiSC Types
March 27: Advanced Networking Strategies
April 9: Interviewing Strategies for Employers. What can be asked, how to ask better questions, and how to plan multi-step interviews

Group rates are available for PHASE 2. Join with your accountability group for a discount and train together!

PHASE 3 – Career Advancement Coaching

PHASE 3 is a 6-month program that provides a plan for leaders to to reach the job they aspire to obtain 3 jobs from now. Learn structured career planning, skills mastery, and job progression.

Everything from the previous two levels are included, plus:
– 2 monthly coaching sessions with agendas & homework
– 2 monthly group coaching mastery calls
– A Resume Review & LinkedIn Profile Review, 10+ pages each
– Job Search Skills Mastery
– Career Objective Setting & Progression Charting
– Practical Leadership Skills Development
– Advanced Networking for Leaders

Whether you are currently in a leadership role or between positions, this program will help you chart the course to your ultimate career goal. Make no mistake, this will not be easy, it will take hard work, but you will have an experienced coach pushing, pulling, and guiding you all the way there.

*The 1-Hour Coaching Call for groups will be done as a group, addressing individual situations, group objectives, and accountability strategies.

**Group Coaching Rates for PHASE 2 Membership:
– 1 person = $497 enrollment and $99 per month
– 2 people = $447 enrollment each (save $50/member), $91 per month each (save $8/month/member)
– 3 people = $397 enrollment each (save $100/member), $85 per month each (save $14/month/member)
– 4 or more = $297 enrollment each (save $200/member), $75 per month each (save $24/month/member)

Email [email protected] with the names & email addresses of your group members to pay separately. If you are a Group Sponsor or Employer paying for the enrollments together, Click Here to Enroll Your Group.