Day: May 21, 2014

Big Employment Gap? That's Your Edge!

YouTube: Big Employment Gap? That's Your Edge!If you’ve been unemployed for more than 6 months, you’ve likely already seen employers start to shy away, wondering why it’s taking you so long to find a job. They think, “If no one else is hiring this person, why should I? What if they make me look bad?”

In fact, earlier this year President Obama started urging executives with some larger companies such as Walgreens, McDonald’s and Boeing to hire the long term unemployed. The President said, “It’s a cruel Catch-22. The longer you’re unemployed, the more unemployable you may seem. This is an illusion, but it’s one that, unfortunately, we know statistically is happening out there.”

It’s wonderful that the President has noticed the issue and is trying to change it, but when it comes down to it, the perceived risk is still high. If there is another option for the employer, and THEIR job depends on them making the right hire, they will likely hire the person with the lowest perceived risk.

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